File Your Inqury 谘询合作

After you review the information we provide and speak with a representative from Friendship BBQ, you will be offered the opportunity to complete an application and asked to provide us with third party documentation.

Submit Application 合作伙伴提交申请资料

Completion of this step is necessary in order to move forward in our process. Documentation may be, but not limited to, bank statements, verification of information provided in the application, etc.

Internal Review & Interview 资料审核评估

We will responed to your application within 5-7 business day.

Franchise Agreement 加盟签约

Submit Location Detail提交店舖情况/评估店面

You’ll be submitting your desire store location. We will provide guidelines for analyzing the locations

Store Design & Renovation 店铺设计&装修

Once the lease is signed our team will assist on the Interior design of the premises. We will provide you with exceptional support in designing the new shop. Our experienced architect will formalize the construction plans. Construction may begin after we approve the final plans. Our Construction Manager will work closely with your General Contractor and provide guidance throughout the construction process to ensure that your Shop meets our design requirements.

Employee Interview & Training 内部管理&培训

Schedule for training approx. 1month at New York location. Once training is completed, we will meet to plan and market for grand opening.

Soft Opening 试营业

We’ll have our team members ready in your site and provide assistance.